Privacy Policy

BB Coaching is a sole trader run solely by Barbara Anna Bassa.

BB Coaching is compliant with GDPR (the General data Protection Regulation), the EU Data Protection and Privacy law, which has come into effect on 25th May 2018.

BB Coaching is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Ref. Number: ZA390691).


This Privacy Policy outlines what client data is collected by BB Coaching and how it is managed.

The policy is shared on and sent to clients at the beginning of the contract.


How do BB Coaching obtain information about the clients?

The information about the clients is obtained in one of the following ways:

In all of those situations any personal information is obtained following the client’s direct consent to be contacted by BB Coaching.


What information is collected?

BB Coaching collects clients’ information necessary to provide the service that the clients request. In most cases, the collected information includes:

  • Name
  • Name of the business (if applicable)
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Postal address
  • A record of correspondence
  • What offer they are interested in

In addition we collect:

  • Some handwritten notes from the coaching sessions with the clients
  • information about physical and mental conditions that the clients suffer from which may impact on the type of exercises they are able to do during the mindful yoga classes


What does BB Coaching  do with the data?

BB Coaching processes clients’ personal information in order to provide coaching, training and mindful development to the clients; to promote its services and to maintain accounts and records.

In particular:

  • prior to training, coaching and mindful development sessions, we send out questionnaires to aid the preparation of the most relevant service for the clients
  • we contact the clients to confirm meetings and agreements
  • we use clients’ details when processing payments and bookings and electronically sending documents such as agreements and invoices
  • we occasionally send information about programmes and events that we organise
  • we always give clients an option to opt-out from communicating with BB Coaching


How is the clients’ data stored?

BB Coaching ensures that the clients’ data is kept secure and safe.
Personal data is held in electronic and paper form, only for as long as it is needed to provide services requested by the clients and as required by law.

  • All electronic information is password protected.
  • All paper based information is stored in a locked cabinet


How can the clients control their data?

The clients have control over their data. At any point they can request that BB Coaching:

  • shares with them what information is held about them
  • corrects the clients’ personal information when it changes
  • removes the clients’ data from its database


How does BB Coaching share the information about the clients?

BB Coaching does not share clients’ personal information with external organisation for any purposes other than those detailed below.

Trusted third parties are used to process personal data on BB Coaching’s behalf:

  • Google providing the email account and contact database
  • PayPal and Lloyds TSB processing clients’ online payments
  • Mail Chimp for bulk email distribution

All of those organisations adhere to the EU GDPR

BB Coaching ensures that any transfer of the data is done securely, in accordance with best practice as required by GDPR.

Client’s information may be required to be shared by law when the clients disclose that they want to harm themselves or others. The clients are made aware of that when signing the contract with BB Coaching.


Changes to Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is reviewed on a regular basis and its latest version is available on

This policy was last updated on 24th May 2018.