Leadership development

We design and deliver leadership development for leaders at all organisational levels, from aspiring leaders to senior management levels.

We provide support and challenge that they need to learn, shift perspective, thrive and transform their organisations.

Our tailored leadership offer combines workshops (with plenary sessions, individual and small group reflections, case studies, forum theatre approaches), one-to-one developmental conversations and facilitated action learning sets.


Leadership programmes 

  • designing and developing leadership programmes
  • supporting strategic objectives
  • building lateral, innovative and creative organisations
  • enhancing collaboration, transparency and authenticity
  • learning from the emergent future
  • increasing staff engagement and stakeholder satisfaction


Action learning sets

  • creating spaces for leaders to learn, share good practice and think outside of the box
  • challenging old ways of thinking to gain new perspective
  • seeing challenges through a new lens
  • generating transformational results
  • using principles of deep thinking, presencing and neuroscience


Leadership communities of practice 

  • facilitating leadership exchanges between leaders from the private and public sector organisations
  • sharing best practice for enhanced learning
  • developing new ways of working
  • building collaboration for the wider social benefit
  • leading innovative projects for sustainable long-term results


This is what our partners and customers said about our leadership development provision:

One of the delights in working with Barbara is in uncovering the depth of thinking behind what she does, which is not, at first, always apparent. What can be presented as a simple exercise is often carefully constructed on several layers blending together a number of ideas and concepts to create a deep and effective session, which is presented in an open and engaging way and creates a powerful learning environment where participants can grow.

Barbara is a thoroughly professional and capable leadership development consultant and facilitator. She has strong technical knowledge in leadership theory and practice, learning theory and programme design.

She is also a skilled practitioner in the way she works with participants in 1:1, small group and large group contexts.”

Adrian Spurrell, BSc ARCS MBA FRSA, Director of Synapse Solutions


“As part of the Leadership Development Programme at Futures Housing Group, I took e part in a ‘Mindful Leadership Action Learning Sets’ facilitated by Barbara. The session provided a unique perspective on the Action Learning Set concept, with Barbara introducing mindfulness to increase self-awareness. The use of mindfulness in this environment challenged the traditional approach leaders often take to working in an ALS where discussions can sometimes wander off track leading to little or no output.

Whilst sometimes quite provocative in her challenges, Barbara’s warmth gave her permission to push people out of their comfort zones and force them to be honest in their thinking. This was especially effective for my ALS and led to revelations both personally and as a group that will change the way we work together.”

Darren Turner, Business Transformation Manager at Futures Housing


“Barbara is a skilled facilitator with a depth of knowledge and we have enjoyed working with her over these past couple of years. She demonstrates a deep commitment to collaborative working in her facilitation style and her ability to work with a range of leaders across the University.

Barbara’s understanding of people & group dynamics means that she is able to create a supportive learning environment and, coupled with her honest and open approach, she encourages groups to explore, stretch and improve their leadership practice in ways that benefit themselves and the organisation”.

Graham Johnson, Director of the Leaderful Partnership


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