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We offer a spectrum of coaching services for leaders, managers and individuals seeking to change and develop.

Executive coaching 

  • for senior leaders and managers
  • enhancing their influence and organisational leverage
  • supporting strategy development
  • managing organisational changes
  • navigating challenging team dynamics


Career coaching 

  • for individuals preparing for promotion
  • initiating job changes
  • performing at their best during interviews
  • understanding personal strengths and values in career
  • mapping out an ideal career


Resilience coaching 

  • improving mental and emotional resilience
  • managing stress at work
  • managing life transitions such as health challenges, bereavement, relocation
  • enhancing work-life balance and wellbeing
  • increasing self-confidence and personal impact


In our sessions we use customer-centred, solution-focused, deep thinking approaches. We work at the value level, uncovering current frames of reference, beliefs and patterns to create truly transformational shifts.

Depending on individual needs the coaching programmes run over a period of 2 to 4 months and are delivered as a combination of Skype calls, face-to-face meetings, webinars and email support.

It is also possible to book a one-off session to work on a particular issue.


What our customers say about coaching delivered by BB Coaching:

“Barbara is a natural, intuitive coach who sees the bigger picture in what you are saying and instinctively knows when to question and challenge your beliefs and assumptions. She is excellent at working out the level of challenge that will move you forward in your thinking and she gives you plenty of space to reflect deeply on the issues you are considering. I got a lot out of my coaching sessions with Barbara and the results are still with me months later. I would definitely recommend her to others.”

Clare Manning, Coach, Mediator, Trainer & Facilitator


“Through coaching with Barbara, I discovered the journey that is required for me to take to find my ideal job. I realised which of my attitudes and behaviours needs changing. I removed significant unnecessary pressure that I was putting on myself, which was clouding my judgement. I started taking a more rounded and positive approach to searching for a career. I feel much more positive about the future and my career prospects. What a fascinating journey!”

Sam W., Civil Servant


“You have completely transformed the way I approach work, learning, life! Surprisingly, my final year at the university has been the least stressful year of my life, and a lot of that is due to what you have taught me about managing my own expectations and approach. I am very grateful!”

Meg R., Master’s student


Thank you so much for the coaching sessions. Though they were challenging, the experience really helped me to work through my problems. I have felt much better the past few months. I got that job that we talked about and started it last week. So far so good. I look forward to working with you again in the future”. 

Sam H., Environment researcher 


Do get in touch to book a FREE 20 minute Coaching Session to see how this approach can help you.