We design and run transformative training programmes based on current research and management practice.

Our training portfolio includes:

Difficult conversation

  • challenging under-performance
  • giving and receiving difficult feedback
  • influencing downwards and upwards
  • mastering courage to tackle issues
  • asserting your position and enhancing relationships


Effective communication

  • uncovering the power of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • making a lasting impression by using the language that works
  • getting in control by developing your gravitas
  • creating environments of open communication
  • mastering principles of conversations that matter, fierce conversations and non-violent communication


Influencing skills

  • understanding different influencing styles
  • learning influencing techniques and approaches
  • enhancing personal impact for mutual benefits
  • creating win-win results
  • building deep and authentic relationships


Cultural awareness

  • expanding understanding of different cultures and dimensions of cultural awareness
  • building more inclusive working environments
  • enhancing equality and diversity in organisations
  • understanding dynamics of cross-cultural working
  • exploring different levels of culture and their relevance in interactions with staff, clients and business partners


Mental wellbeing for peak performance

  • building environments optimal for peak performance and creativity
  • increasing personal wellbeing and organisational resilience
  • developing plans for mental and emotional wellbeing
  • managing staff with mental health challenges
  • demystifying mindfulness approaches in workplace


Managing change

  • supporting organisations and individuals going through changes
  • understanding differences between change and transition
  • overcoming personal barriers to change
  • creating a new sense of purpose and direction
  • reigniting team’s motivation and engagement


Coaching skills and techniques 

  • using coaching approaches in managing staff
  • asking powerful questions which transform thinking
  • mastering coaching skills and techniques
  • building effective coaching programmes
  • assessing the impact of the coaching process


We would be happy to design the training tailored to your organisation.
Do get in touch to discuss your training needs 


What our customers say about our training and facilitation:

“Barbara is an excellent facilitator – one of the best I have worked with. She has the ability to engage groups and individuals with learning – even the most reluctant of learners! Leadership and management development is her key area of strength, working at all levels of an organisation from the executive down”

Jane Ginniver, Deputy Director at the Accountable Care Partnership


“Barbara delivered a Fierce Conversations workshop at Sheffield Coaching Exchange recently and all of the attendees were really impressed with her delivery. Combining humour and self reflection with important points, and helping her audience to connect with the content are real strengths of Barbara’s. The evening flew by!”

Lisa Read, co-founder of Real Clear Coaching & Training